Workshops real-time theater:


  • International workshop LaMaMa/Umbria (It), 2013
  • Stage Center Tel Aviv, Israël, 2007
  • Kanagawa Arts Council, Yokohama, Japan, 2002, 2004
  • Theatertreffen, Berlin 2002
  • Haiyuza Theatre Company, Tokyo, Japan, 1997-2000

The workshop real-time theater and acting consists of a series of exercises, which lead to playing a role ‘in real time.’ The exercises are based on a story told by the participants/actors from their own biography. The subsequent steps to first internalize the story, then taking a distance to it, and then externalizing it by putting it in a theatrical form, contribute to the presence of the actor.

Dependent on set-up and length of the workshop, and the number of participants, the workshop leads to a solo-performance by each participant on the basis of the story that is told, or in a montage-performance of all the stories by all participants.

These ‘performance-pieces’ are improvised on the basis of a scenario, and performed one time for an audience.

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Latest news and upcoming events

New Books!

New Plays!

  • Transit, 2015, Lost & Found, 2013, A Very (c) Old Case I + II, 2011


  • Private workshops together with Nancy Gabor in New York, Los Angeles and Portland (Or), Spring 2015.
  • ATKA/Theaterschool Amsterdam, September 2015