Real-time acting: what it is

In real-time theater the actor is central: on stage he becomes the intermediary between the performance and the audience. As himself he tells the story of the role he is playing at the same time. If he doesn’t ‘act’, he watches, as himself. He does that in the ‘here and now,’ in the reality of the stage and the theater. In real-time theater everything on stage is real: the time on the clock, the stage itself, the acting, and the actor. Only ‘what’ he plays is not real, an illusion. In real-time theater, the ‘illusion of the reality’ makes way for the ‘reality of the illusion.’

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  • Transit, 2015, Lost & Found, 2013, A Very (c) Old Case I + II, 2011


  • Private workshops together with Nancy Gabor in New York, Los Angeles and Portland (Or), Spring 2015.
  • ATKA/Theaterschool Amsterdam, September 2015